Crystal Tomato® Supplement - 30 Tabs

Improve Skin Fairness, Skin Suppleness, Skin Tone and Texture

Crystal Tomato® is one of the first food supplements in the world to offer benefits for the skin from a unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes. It contains Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for skin health. This supplement is a safe and convenient way to beautiful and healthier skin. With just one supplement a day, it helps to maintain and protect skin quality.

A clinical trial* on Melasma that combines Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream and Crystal Tomato® was conducted between October, 2013 and May, 2014. The randomized double-blind study conducted at National Skin Centre, Singapore involved 44 patients with Melasma prototype III and IV.  The results show the safety and efficacy of Crystal Tomato®.

Results and conclusions of the trial was accepted and published in the leading American scientific journal, Journal of Pigmentary Disorders, in December 2014

From the Clinical Trial, specific skin improvements after consumption of Crystal Tomato® supplements for 84 days were also recorded:

  • Decrease in skin dryness
  • Decrease in skin roughness
  • Increase in skin suppleness
  • Improvement in skin tone
  • Improvement in skin texture