AMC Loose Powder

Our loose powder is super absorbent and it keeps your face sweat-free, looking fresh longer.

AMC Loose Powder

This makeup staple can do everything from preventing an oil slick forming on your face to adding some freshness back to your look. Loose powder come in various colours but the most typical shade is “translucent”. Loose powder is used to blot oil, control shine and a simple brush over the face is enough to give a healthy, natural-looking sheen if you don’t feel like wearing foundation. It not only mattifies the oily T-zone, it also smooths out pores, lines and wrinkles.

After applying a liquid or cream foundation, loose powder is an essential product that should be incorporated as the final step in one’s makeup routine. Loose powder seals the moist consistency of foundation or cream and makes it last longer. It also helps to prevent makeup transfer or runoff one may experience in the middle of the day. For people with oily skin, wearing loose powder is a must because it helps to control oil, keeping the face free from shine.

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