OM-X Probiotics

30 years ago, “OM-X” was introduced, and is currently being used by many customers in more than 20 countries around the world. “OM-X” has been described as “the only mixed-probiotics product using the ancient Japanese art of fermentation and the latest technology”, and it has been selected “Best of Supplement” Award (the first prize in Probiotic Category) for 5 years in a row since 2008. It also won the award in 2018 for the 7th time. OM-X is introduced as a food supplement that many doctors and dietitians recommend, and is recognized worldwide as a reliable product.

OM-X Probiotics

The manufacture of “OM-X” takes 3 to 5 years where fermentation and maturation take place by the introduction of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to 92 kinds of plants and fruits that are grown throughout the four seasons unique in Japan. Only seasonal vegetables and fruits that are in the peak of their nutritional values are picked. As a result, the completed “OM-X” becomes a reservoir of various nutrients including amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, dietary fibers, oligosaccharides, polyphenol and flavonoid. Containing such a wide variety of nutrients, “OM-X” offers remarkable potential to our health. The benefits include improvement in gut health, hair quality, nail health, allergic symptoms, detoxification, immunity, anti-oxidation or anti-inflammation properties.

Specifically, the proprietary strain of lactic acid bacteria “TH10” exhibits high functionality supported by international research performances over a span of more than 20 years. The fermentation property of TH10 is proven to be 6.25 times more than that of common strains and helps adjust the immune balance as well as shows high antibacterial activity attributed to antibacterial substances the strain generates.

OM-X was awarded the prize of “Best Brands” in Malaysia, where it was first sold, as well as “Alive” Awards (bronze) awarded in Canada to excellent products. Dosage is advised by Doctor.

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