What is
Acne Scar Treatment?

It can present as depressed scar with or without hyperpigmentation. A combination of treatments is usually recommended to improve the outcome of the treatment.

  1. Chemical peel e.g. Melan off Peel
  2. Topical cream e.g. Differin Gel, Retin A Cream
  3. Laser treatments.
    • Picosecond laser: can help to reduce hyperpigmentation and stimulate collagen formation.
    • Fractional CO2 laser: a few days downtime to recover from the treatment.
    • Erbium Yag Laser
    • Rejuran injection with subcision: This is a minor surgical procedure to release the attachment of scars to the surrounding tissue. Once the attachment is released, new collagen is able to slowly elevate the scars.

      Can expect fairly good result with at least 3 treatment sessions at one month interval.

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