What is Coolsculpting?

Do you want to get rid of unwanted body fat without having to go through the pain and risk of surgery? Zeltiq/CoolSculpting may very well be the choice for you. It is a safe, non-surgical procedure that will permanently destroy your fat cells in targeted areas. 

Zeltiq/CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved way to rid the body of fat cells through a freezing process to the targeted areas while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. Once frozen, the fat cells die. Over time, your body eliminates the dead cells naturally, leaving you with a more contoured, sculpted body.

How does it work?

Cooling applicators are attached to the targeted area. These applicators are connected to the Zeltiq machine which controls the cooling temperature. You will feel a pulling sensation, mild pinching, intense cold, stinging, tingling or cramping at the treatment site.  However, these symptoms will subside. The entire process takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Most patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately following their CoolSculpting procedures.

Typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling and mild bruising.

Generally, patients start to see a change three weeks after the procedure, and will experience most noticeable results after two months. You are advised to schedule follow-up appointment to review your results and discuss the option of additional treatments, if necessary. After treatment, work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people feel motivated to stay at their ideal weight after seeing results. The treatment removes 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area each time.

Areas that can be treated with CoolSculpting include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Flank or “love handles”
  • Upper arms
  • Inner and outer thighs

CoolScultping Features:

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