What is Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are specially formulated Hyaluronic Acid – a naturally occurring substance in our body to keep our skin plump and hydrated. Injection of hyaluronic acid has been shown to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. It is used to shape facial contour, to restore facial volume lost. It will lift and tighten the skin when it is injected at strategic sites. Juvederm range of fillers are used in the clinic. 

Common areas includes:

  1. Under Eye Hollowness (Tear Trough) – It reduces the tired look around the eye and dark eye ring appearance. 
  2. Hollow Temple
  3. Chin Augmentation
  4. Replace Cheek Volume Loss
  5. Marionette Line – Making one look less sad by lifting the corner of the mouth 
  6. Lip Filler – Lips are one of the most alluring and eye-catching features. Lip Filler will make the perfect pout, create a well-defined lip border and cupid bow. It corrects down-turning of mouth corner “sad” smile into a more youthful smile. It reduces lip lines and gives a smooth lip texture, allows lipstick to glide across easily and stay longer. It is one of my favourite treatment area for filler.

Risks & Side Effets

Hyaluronic Acid is generally safe. The common side effects are:

  1. Bruising – Can last up to 10 days but can be covered up with concealer.
  2. Infection
  3. Intra Vascular Accidents leading to skin neurosis and blindness. This is extremely rare and is the result of injecting the product into an artery. It is therefore advisable to have your filler injection done by an experienced and qualified doctor.
  4. Drug Allergy
  5. Granuloma Formation

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