What is Laser Treatment?

It is one of the most common and widely-used aesthetic treatment. Lasers target specific tissues in our skin (melanin, hemoglobin and water) without damaging the surrounding tissue to produce desirable effects that we want to achieve. 

As laser technology improves, using a unique wavelength of light to treat different skin conditions, we can achieve better and longer-lasting result with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Effects of Laser:

  1. Pigmentation Reduction e.g. Freckle, Solar Lentigines, Nevus of Ota, Hori Nevus, Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. 
  2. Collagen stimulation resulting in pore tightening, fine lines reduction, skin tightening and lifting.
  3. Improvement of skin texture with radiance, shine and glow. 
  4. Reduction of unsightly blood vessel and Rosacea treatment. 
  5. Long-term hair removal.
  6. Removal of moles, skin tags, milia, age spots with CO2 laser.
  7. Treatment of Acne and Acne scars.
  8. Tattoo removal.

Picosecond Laser:

The picosecond laser is the latest most powerful medical laser machine. Its short pulse duration creates a huge photoacoustic effect to generate higher energy level to the skin.  It blasts the pigment or tattoo ink into smaller particles, makes it easier for our body immune system to remove them, thus making it more effective in the treatment of hyper-pigmentation and tattoo removal.  This ensures that the results are more effective with lesser sessions.  It is non-ablative with no downtime and minimal discomfort with our effective local anaesthetic cream.

Erbium Yag Laser:

This laser with a wavelength of 2940nm, is designed to remove a thin layer of skin from the surface. It is very effective in the treatment of pores and fine lines with visible results seen after one week. The laser stimulates new skin formation and hence a brighter skin with radiance and glow. It can be used to treat acne and chicken pox scar as well.

Procedure and Treatment:

Effective local anaesthetic cream is applied before the procedure.  The treatment is very well tolerated with minimal pin and needle sensation.  Redness may appear soon after treatment but will subside a few hours later with no downtime.

Risks & Side Effets

They are safe, non-ablative procedures with no downtime.  Side effects are not common in the hands of experienced medical practitioner.

  1. Burn or bleeding happens rarely.
  2. Reactivation of cold sore. 
  3. Pigmentary changes – hypo-pigmentation / hyper-pigmentation.

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